Mechrain: Reloaded is an upcoming game by Ravenworks Media and a brave attempt to push things beyond limits on an engine known as FPS Creator. Mechrain will feature dynamic sci-fi environment, challenging gameplay, exploration and a decent story with an unique twist.

Main Features

Dark sci-fi

Interactive environment

Rewarding exploration

Destructive arsenal

Alternative endings

Puzzles and mysteries

Positive and negative effects

Unique barrier/condition health status


History of Mechrain

The very first question everyone would ask is why is it Reloaded? Is there an old unknown game with that title everyone missed? Don't worry, you didn't miss anything because the very first Mechrain was never released. Originally Mechrain was never meant to be a game. In 2010 a group of people known as Lightning Production were just having fun with a wolfenstein-like 3D game engine, they were drawing stick figures and putting them into the game to let them fight each other. Eventually that became a great time waster until someone suggested adding robots and release it as a game. The idea was taken serious and so the stick figures were replaced with well-drawn robotic tech, a short story was also added later. There were a lot of locations noted, but only one was playable at that time. A player could interact with many things, or just break them to pass through somewhere. The very first beta featured a set of nine levels in an energy station 'Sever One'. There were also five weapons included, from a typical pistol to a secret and most destructive cannon called Project-X. Enemies were quite interesting, too: Human-size clones, then there were flying turrets with dual miniguns, a giant mechanical eye which drained health from the protagonist. As for the most deadly enemy, a large walking tank with dual plasma guns called 'Devastator'. They all required different strategy to defeat them. Unfortunately, Lightning Production lost interest in continuing the development. Now, we, Ravenworks Media, decided to bring it back, to add a decent and detailed story and provide nice and challenging gameplay. And so far it goes very well.